Friday, March 30, 2018

What to Consider When Buying a Hose Crimper

A hose crimper is an important tool for anyone assembling their own hydraulic hoses. They firmly attach hose fittings to the hose by compressing the fitting, or ferrule, around the end of the hose. This is typically done through the compression of die segments to a predetermined diameter around your fitting, allowing you a secure fitting that can easily connect to the rest of your hose assembly.

Depending on what you’re looking for, there are a wide range of crimpers and crimping tools you can use. There are portable manual crimpers that fit specific-diameter hoses and capacities. These types of crimpers can use a jack-style press, lever, electric power or sometimes compressed air.
Other industrial crimpers feature high-end tech, millimeter-specific diameter settings and more. These can often be found in hose assembly shops.

When you’re looking at a new hydraulic hose crimper to purchase, there are a number of things to consider before you decide on what to go with. Here are a few considerations.

Know Your Hydraulic Hose

First, you need to have an idea of what types of hoses, fittings and applications you’ll be assembling hoses for. If you’re working with largely residential or construction-based applications, a hose crimper that is portable and manually operated might be the best option. If you have consistency with what hoses you’ll be working with, then a freehand crimper will likely be the most affordable and appropriate option.

However, if you’re going to be working in heavy industries or in an actual hose assembly plant, you’ll likely need an industrial-quality hydraulic hose crimper that allows you to quickly and easily crimp a wide range of hoses, fittings and ferrules at different PSI and temperature ratings.

Research Hose Crimper Manufacturers

Depending on the hydraulic hose crimper manufacturer, you may find that certain manufacturers offer a free or complimentary crimper, or a crimper at a reduced price, with a hydraulic hose purchase or commitment to purchase a certain number of hoses and fittings in order to qualify.

If you’re regularly working with a specific type of hose or fitting, this might be a great program to look into; however, it might also hinder you being able to assemble multiple types of hoses. Certain manufacturer-specific crimpers might only be applicable to those hoses and fittings. It’s often the case that you’ll come across a wide range of hoses and assemblies if you’re working with hydraulic hoses, so relegating yourself to work with a single manufacturer’s supplies might not be a great idea.

Invest in an Adjustable Hose Crimper

It is our belief that the best overall option is to invest in an adjustable hydraulic hose crimper that allows you to crimp hose fittings to whatever outside diameter is required. Whether you’re working with manual, electronic or hydraulic, this type of crimper will offer a few different sets of dies (attachments that increase or decrease your crimper’s end diameter), with each set having a crimping range.

Buying an adjustable hose crimper is your best bet to make sure you can crimp whatever diameter is required. Depending on the brand or manufacturer of the crimper, your adjustable crimper will likely have different features, different diameter settings and more. Be sure to do your research ahead of time.

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