Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Common Industrial Hoses and Tubing

The industrial hose industry is highly technical with different composition hoses being used for different jobs, environments, and more. It’s important to know the ins and outs of most popular industrial hose and tubing before you buy. You’ll need to have an understanding of your hose’s intended application, the various pressures and environment your hose will be subject to, and other specs pertaining to your hose’s application, like how long your hose needs to be and how long you’ll need it for.

Below are some of the most commonly used industrial hoses and tubes on the market, their intended use, and features of each.

Rubber Hydraulic Hoses

Rubber hydraulic hoses are commonly used in hydraulic systems, mainly for oil, but also for water based systems. Their rubber composite composition and steel wire braid layers allow them to maintain internal pressure and transfer power from the generator to the nozzle. Rubber hydraulic hoses have a wide range of designs - sometimes with multiple layers - and different megapascal pressure ratings. Depending on your application, they are rated to different country standards, SAE being the American rating. multi-purpose air hose made from premium nitrile rubber, featuring nice flexibility and durability. This quality hose is abrasion, cracking and high oil resistance, and multipurpose so it can be used for compressed air, water and mild chemical applications.

Short Description: The most commonly used hydraulic hose (just need to look at your pressure parameters to get the right one). A more rugged hose used in high pressure applications.

Commonly used in: petroleum based hydraulic fluids and lubricating oils, hydraulic lines on bobcats, ag, excavators, elevators, forklifts, dump trucks, snow plows

Thermoplastic Hoses

Thermoplastic hoses are a specialized hose that can come in an array of compositions. Commonly, you’ll find several layers of thermoplastic material giving this type of hose its strength and durability. Since they’re made out thermoplastic material, they’re not recommended as a means to transport liquids, gases, or materials that are high in temperature. Instead, they’re great for various lubricants and solvents because of its resilient construction.

Short Description: Great for high pressure applications with a lightweight hose but not as rugged as others.

Commonly used in: car washes, boom trucks/crane and lift, forklift, paint spray, sandblast, grease, spray foam, water jetting, sewer cleaning, diagnostic, cryo guns/special effects, paintball, carpet cleaning

Rubber Air and Water Hoses

Rubber air and water hoses are very common. They’re typically used around the house or on applications that don’t require medium or high pressure equipment. Great for air, water, and most fuel, the rubber composition makes it flexible and durable in most environments.

Short Description: Good chemical resistance and temperature ranges at low pressure. Heavier duty that PVC, more flexible.

Commonly used in: shop air, water transfer, tire inflation, roofing compressor hose, power tools, ag, industrial, water service, construction

PVC Hoses and Tubing

PVC hose is a lot like your thermoplastic hose, however it’s composed out of PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, material. It’s essentially a plastic hose that is widely used in the construction industry. Because of its composition, PVC hose comes in many shapes and sizes - from tough clearbraid PVC hose to more malleable low pressure layflat PVC hose.

Short Description: Basically the same as a rubber air hose but more limited when it comes to chemical resistance, durability, sometimes pressure, and temperature. Lighter-weight, typically non marking.

Commonly used in: beverage dispensing, drain, potable water, laboratory, low pressure air, distilled water transfer, light vacuum, spa, and hot tub

Smooth Bore Teflon Hose and Tubing

Smooth Bore Teflon hose is another all-purpose hose sought after because of its durability and flexibility. Also referred to as PTFE hose, this product is great at handling medium to high pressure systems and stable liquids or gases. You’ll often find smooth bore teflon hose with a protective stainless steel braid on its outside layer.

Commonly used in: beverage, biotech, cosmetic, dairy, food, pharmaceutical

Nylon Tubing

Nylon tubing is the most universal of all thermoplastic hoses. With its broad temperature range, low weight, abrasion resistance, and low moisture absorption, it is a go-to material for industrial and automotive industries. It’s really a great all around hose and it’s easy to find in different colors so you can quickly tell various hose applications apart. Nylon tubing is recognized as an industry standard for applications which require higher working pressures and higher heat and/ or chemical resistance than our polyurethane tubing. It is ideal for outdoor use applications because of its superior stress crack resistance

Short Description: Good chemical resistance, some water, lightweight-use with push to connects

Commonly used in: Shops to convey air, pneumatic tools, pneumatic piping, instrumentation, lube lines, coolants, refrigeration, chemical transfer, vacuum, process control, fuel lines, paint supply lines, laboratories, packaging, pesticides, soaps, carwashes

Polyurethane Tubing

Polyurethane tubing is a form of high density plastic tubing that can withstand high pressure and is abrasion and fatigue resistant overall. Polyurethane tubing also lacks any plasticiser additives which can cause issues in other hard plastic hosing over time so it is long-lasting. This material is often used in outdoor applications because of its UV resistance and transparent exterior. Shore A 98 tubing is made from the highest quality raw materials available. It is ether-based to provide excellent hydrolysis, oil and cold resistance.

Short Description: Strong, flexible, and superior kink resistance compared to other tubing. It is 5 to 10 times more wear-resistant and lighter in weight than any rubber hose.

Commonly used in: Pneumatic tools, pneumatic piping, vacuum, laboratories, robotics, motion control, instrumentation, agriculture, lube lines, painting systems, food & beverage

Low Density Polyethylene Tubing

Low Density Polyethylene tubing in another all around go-to for liquid transport in a wide range of industries and applications. Overall, it is very flexible and very tough with a great temperature resistance (up to about 176 F). Compared to high-density polyethylene tubing, its molecular structure is less packed, giving it its lower density.

Short Description: Strong flexibility with good temp resistance. Very lightweight.

Commonly used in: Pneumatic tools, pneumatic piping, vacuum, laboratories, robotics, motion control, instrumentation, agriculture, lube lines, painting systems, food & beverage


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